Who's Wearing Emperor's New Clothes If So Many People Believe In Something How Can It Be Wrong


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emperor’s new clothes productions


Who’s Wearing Emperor’s New Clothes

if so many people believe in something how can it be wrong!

[including 30 & 60 Sec Thought-Provoking Commercials excerpted from documentary

geo geller

“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person.
Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.” Oscar Wilde

started after 9/11 2001

Stalin “it’s not the votes that counts but who counts the votes”

As of Dec 26. 2016 we can see the handwriting on the wall – Democracy has been Kidnapped and a Coup is a fait accompli all the kings men are in place and Trump(ty) Dumpty is waiting for the Emperor to be crowned and we the people are in a state of Stockholm Syndrome Shock waiting for the real Idiotcracy and the Inquisition/Purge to start after Jan 20, 2017 – the Handwriting is on the wall

“On Nov 14 2016 I wrote VOTER REGISTRATION Computers & Some of 42 million EARLY VOTES were HACKED “Rumor has it that the Russians hacked the election – The real question in hind-sight is why did FBI Director Comey, revived Hillary Clinton’s investigation, “which came just 11 days before the presidential election where more than 42 million Americans had already cast their early votes, an increase over 2012. This surge in early voting arguably was helpful to Hillary Clinton. But 42 Million Americans had already voted by then.

Helen Thomas

Washington Correspondent – Protector of our rights
Each Generation Has To Be Vigilant

youtube link 108 sec quick time – 108 sec -3,060 kb

Albert Maysles, John Waters, Mike Bonano of the YES Men,
Danny Schechter, Robert Richter and many more who i thought have something to say


Who’s Wearing Emperor’s New Clothes

if so many people believe in something how can it be wrong!

by geo geller

is “still” a work in progress documentary,
started after 9/11 2001. The title, as you might imagine comes from the children’s story about the child who had no fear and no agenda, pointing out to us and everybody that not only was the emperor wearing no clothes but metaphorically speaking so was everybody who didn’t say anything and believe the
propaganda of what they were told because if so many people believe in something how can it be wrong – sound familiar – the child’s story if you dig a little deeper is a profound insight into our individual and cultural identity and to the power of fear, the fear of power and the fear of not belonging and asks the question, Who is really Wearing the Emperor’s New Clothes?…. and indirectly or directly asks about our relationship to ourselves and each other that we have been repeating the same propaganda, wars, violence, fear, suffering, poverty.

Who’s Wearing Emperor’s New Clothes started because 9/11 was a wake up call to the world and to me, i live a mile from ground zero but as far as i was concerned instead of examining why and what was the message in those special delivery air mail letters that took the lives of so many letter Originally to make sense out of the nonsense of the world we live in, post 9/11 and all the propaganda and nationalism that was going on and everybody was beating some drum or another for some injustice or justice as we the people have been doing since before forever – I was thinking of 30 & 60 sec tv/radio/in-theater baby-documentaries thought-provoking commercials, interstitials, adverts that didn’t sell you something but asked you to think and to question, and ask questions, as opposed to buy buy buy commercials….

Link to 30 & 60 Sec Thought-Provoking Commercials excerpted from documentary

all rights reserved geo geller – 2/04

email – geogeogeller@gmail.com

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