Who’s Wearing Emperor’s New Clothes

if so many people believe in something how can it be wrong!

by geo geller

Mythical Conversations – What Were You Thinking (Behind the Scenes) – Directors Cut

To Mythical Conversation/Documentary

is “still” a work in progress documentary,
started after 9/11 2001. The title, as you might imagine comes from the children’s story about the child who had no fear and no agenda, pointing out to us and everybody that not only was the emperor wearing no clothes but metaphorically speaking so was everybody who didn’t say anything and believe the
propaganda of what they were told because if so many people believe in something how can it be wrong – sound familiar – the child’s story if you dig a little deeper is a profound insight into our individual and cultural identity and to the power of fear, the fear of power and the fear of not belonging and asks the question, Who is really Wearing the Emperor’s New Clothes?…. and indirectly or directly asks about our relationship to ourselves and each other that we have been repeating the same propaganda, wars, violence, fear, suffering, poverty.

Who’s Wearing Emperor’s New Clothes started because 9/11 was a wake up call to the world and to me, i live a mile from ground zero but as far as i was concerned instead of examining why and what was the message in those special delivery air mail letters that took the lives of so many letter Originally to make sense out of the nonsense of the world we live in, post 9/11 and all the propaganda and nationalism that was going on and everybody was beating some drum or another for some injustice or justice as we the people have been doing since before forever – I was thinking of 30 & 60 sec tv/radio/in-theater baby-documentaries thought-provoking commercials, interstitials, adverts that didn’t sell you something but asked you to think and to question, and ask questions, as opposed to buy buy buy commercials….


rough notes stream of consciousness draft – i am an NYC based independent documentary filmmaker/fotographer and audio maker aside from being a recovering artist among other things

Who’s Wearing Emperor’s New Clothes was a soul searching exploration inside of me and also thought-provoking to people i asked the question on camera too -“what is not propaganda?”-
some are in the 30 & 60 second edited as commercials for the george w bush election and are excerpt in the video link too
– as far as what is not propaganda i learned everything is somebodies point of view – we can’t escape it – even turning on and off the camera or what we look at or think or like and dislike is some form of propaganda – fashion is propaganda

and so as a doc filmmaker i believe in the power of one to make a difference and one person alone is more then the power of none and often of the many too – another result of thinking fishing and filming

“Who’s Wearing Emperor’s New Clothes” was a direct result of 9/11 too when i realized that what i thought was serious was actually play and everything i thought of doing in light of 9/11 was meaningless i couldn’t come up with anything substantial that would make a difference in the face of possible oblivion and the end of the future – i would ask people what the last person on the planet would say and i would ask them soul searching questions that i was wondering about too – i also felt and saw a giant void much like i and many survivors of 9/11 who didn’t vote for Trump experience to and voiced on social web – many were depressed and still are and having flashbacks of an unimaginable future with a man who is our new king – but i digress –

so i spent six months in deep struggle with myself trying to do something meaningful – on 9/11 i picked up my video camera and went out on to the streets to talk to people and worked my way down close to ground zero – as close as they would let me

fast forward those six months of battling with my soul as to what am i going to do to make a difference is still haunting me – fast forward back to 9/11 i remember standing on my terrace on 20th floor in chelsea nyc looking at the twin towers and thinking my horizon will never be the same and it came to me “how do you make sense out of things that don’t make sense and the only thing i could come up with was art” and then i thought about all these people and kids in and around ground zero and the twin towers and boroughs are going to be damage and then i thought to myself what is it that gets damage… and it occurred to me that what gets damaged is the imagination – and so i came up with Art = Caring for the Imagination and so fast forward to Nov 9, 2016 and morning of Nov 10 and i thought something wrong with this picture – and though Trump talked about rigging the election it stuck in my mind and i thought to myself maybe Putin did some hacking – and it bothered me as the days went on and fast forward i went for a walk with one of my foto walking buddies Nov 12 on an anti-Trump protest on 5th avenue and i stumbled on this flyer on the ground that said – Election Hacked – Voter Registration computers and Early Votes were Hacked and filmed it and people chanting and i stayed filming there for a while thinking there is more to this hacking then and then while i was editing it i started to go back over history in my mind caught some new headline saying Hillary Clinton believed Fbi agent Comey took an unusual twist by re-opening the investigation into the emails 11 days before the election and i thought back to the flyer and that maybe there is something to this so i read some more and did some online research and found out that it was easy to hack the voter registration computers and that 46 million people were early voters and had voted before comey released the letter to congress about the emails – and then i thought at the time Comey was playing political hot potato and then i thought well maybe the flyer had some validity to it and so in thinking why did Comey do this what possible reasons and what did he know and what was going on and lots of questions floating and colliding in my head and as head of FBI he had access and opportunity and maybe their is a lot of smoke and mirrors going on and its been going on forever and then i ran into a friend on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum who said did you ever notice how all the directors of the FBI under democrats has been republicans since J. Edgar Hoover – food for thought