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geo geller

15 Children Stories
A View From the Other Side Series
"Island and Land Stories"
by geo geller
(text only)
"Who's Wearing Emperor's
New Clothes"
Albert Maysles "Powerful"
Helen Geller "You are going to get arrested, my son!"
Robert Richter "Thought-provoking with a sense of humor"

30 to 60 sec baby-docs
thought-provoking movie trailers
non-fiction and NonLinearFilms
Albert Maysles, Robert Richter, John Waters, Helen Thomas, Mark Achbar, Danny Schechter, $teven Ra$pa, Richard Metzger, CXB - Christopher X Brodeur, Leon Golub Bill Moyers, Frank McCourt, Benoit Mandelbrot in a Snow (fractal) Storm, and many more online and in the wings

Self-Portrait of YOU-manity
as seen through the eyes of somebody who is sent here
from another planet to do a documentary on humanity
with segments on
What's it like to be YOU-man
to be a kid, to be you, to be man, woman, father, mother
what is love, peace, success, family, important etc

Framing New York
Collage of energy, life, art, work, dreams
NYC as a state and frame of mind (700 hours)
Discovering the Imagination and Creative Process
conVERSATIONS with Albert Maysles,
Robert Richter, Benoit Mandelbrot in a Snow (fractal) Storm,
John Perry-Barlow, $teven Ra$pa, ScaryGuy, Richard Metzger, Jon Lee Anderson
CXB, Helen Stratford, and many others
Vignettes Mini-Portraits
Short versions of conVERSINGS
Pete Hamill, Frank McCourt, Leon Golub, Shelby Knox, Bill Moyers, Helen Thomas, George Stoney, RevJen, Bob Holman, Danny Schechter, Nandini Sikand, Teun Voeten, Mark Achbar, Michael Gallagher
too many hours shot

Whats A Documentary ?
for twe seven year olds
70+ filmmakers respond
CXB - Smartest Person On Earth
Trilogy in Five Parts

Christopher X Brodeur ran for mayor of nyc 1997
against Giuliani with a bag over his head
and is running again against Emperor Bloomberg in 2005 and received over 17,000 votes in the just passed nyc democratic primary
you can see some of CXB - Christopher X Brodeur in the baby-docs
part I - Introduction - In and Out of Concert
part II - the music and mayhem - behind the music
part III - behind the story (of the book) - perverted little creep
part IV - conVERSING with Christopher X Brodeur
part V - CXB Love and Hate affair at New York Press
Playing With Science series
de-mystifying while exploring the passion and wonder
behind science and scientist
(over 100 hours)
including Benoit Mandelbrot in a Snow (fractal) Storm (40 min)
Oliver Sacks, Freeman Dyson etc
Documentary on My Mother
for Her Great Grand Children to Know Her
Helen Stratford
wonder woman, performance artist, activist, in-citer
15 hours shot
The DoodleLife
Life of Doodlers
Cartoonist and Comic Book Artitst
3 hours shot

Giving Birth To Myself
Midwife in Harlem
life and dreams and insights from a 30 year midwife
3 hours shot

The Sitar Bridge Between Cultures
Shahid Parvez
Documentary on Shahid Parvez in New York
DVD of NYC concert among others